Aug 092013
A 48-year-old female with longstanding diabetes and chronic progressive numb feet—blamed on diabetic complication termed peripheral sensory neuropathy.

This problem was to the point that she could not feel the floor beneath her feet. She also was afflicted with longstanding varicose veins that caused heavy and tired sensations in each leg and minimal swelling each day.

Her vein problem was repaired in the office without complication.

Surprisingly, at her initial post-op follow-up a week later, she reported dramatic improvement in the degree of feet numbness, such that she could easily feel the floor/ground beneath her and resultantly, her balance and gait improved. Over the next several weeks, this further improved.

Dr. Bell: “This patient was one of my early patients who had nerve dysfunction in her feet. Despite diabetes likely being the underlying culprit, it was surprising that she improved so much. Many cases later, with other similarly affected patients, I have seen similar neuropathy improvements.   The likely reason why centers around improvement in clearing of the waste products on the venous side from the nerve cells of the feet that prior to correction, were stagnant and overloaded due to the venous backflow not allowing proper clearing.”

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