Vein Consultation


The evaluation is centered on history pertinent to any prior vein problems you have suffered, prior vein procedures, any symptoms you are experiencing in your legs, family history of vein or clotting problems, a physical exam with palpation (touching) and visualization of the legs, and most importantly, a venous ultrasound of the legs.

Duplex sonogram with gray scale, color flow, and pulse wave Doppler technology has moved vein treatment from the dark ages to the 21st century. Now, with this technology performed during an initial consultation, we can determine which veins are the source of the problem, to what degree, and from this “mapping”, define a very precise minor surgical out-of-hospital plan to eradicate only the areas of the venous system causing the problem, and leave the healthy parts of the system intact.

After this initial consultation, you will fully understand the problem and the proposed procedures to rid you of the venous problem. If you have tried and failed readily accepted more conservative measures, then likely the vein procedures described are you best chance for significant improvement or even resolution of the vein symptoms that led to your consultation.

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